Sash Windows Grays Offer a Full Windows Repair Services

Sash Windows Grays service centres primarily on sash window repair and secondly on promoting the efficiency of sash windows. There are very few instances where damage and decay are not mendable using the proper knowledge at Sash Windows Grays and the right tools. A special method of sealing by Sash Windows Grays is as well able to be used in the duration repairs process which will help To get rid of leaking air and draughts.

Sash Windows Grays Offer Gaurenteed Repairs

Repair work carried out by Sash Windows Grays will depend on the damage so be prepared to have badly deteriorated elements replaced. By asking Sash Windows Grays to simply repair the windows you by now have set up in place, the effectiveness can be vastly improved and you should see benefits in soundproofing & less draughts. Although the process will vary depending on the damage to your window in Essex, in general repairs follow this pattern:

We Can Repair All Types of Sash Windows

Upgrading your windows through repairs also safeguards an enhanced bearing as they will be easier to the last day and paint in a style to suit your Essex home. The current sashes in place are removed from the window frame by Sash Windows Grays before the damaged or old glass is removed and cleaned. Sash Windows Grays will replace old weather-strips, attach new hardware, fit new chains or cords, rebalance or lubricate the pulleys, and then the sashes will be returned in the frames.


Common problems attributed to sash windows can actually be greatly improved by having us do straightforward repairs in your Essex home. Sash Windows Grays will cautiously clean the joints and any rotten wood is overpowered out pre past a resin and new timber is applied to fill in any possible gaps. Eliminate draughts and rattles, lower energy bills, increase Essex property value, easier operating, noise reduction - these are all upshots you can imagine to observe.

Sash Windows Grays Are The Company to Trust

Draught proofing carried out by Sash Windows Grays is the most economical method of improving the efficiency of your windows, and is particularly effective on sash windows, as they are more prone to draught when compared to standard windows. The sash itself will be carefully sanded and primed and then the window reinstated before being finished and painted by our professionals at Sash Windows Grays. Getting Sash Windows Grays to repair your sash windows could mean bringing them up to Because the appearance of a replacement window without the additional costs.